Wind, Water and Sun light – Renewable Alternative Energy Options


We all find out about it. Wind, water and sun rays are three of the best renewable alternative energy sources that people have–in abundance and for free! But one truth remains, we’re not utilizing them with their full potential.

Energy is an extremely big deal. We use a lot of it, and we get most of it by burning fossil fuels. The planet has a limited way to obtain fossil fuel. It takes millions of years for essential oil, coal, and natural gas to form in the depths of the planet earth. Fossil fuel isn’t a renewable power source. It’s finite. We WILL go out.

Burning fossil fuel for vitality is not a good thing for either our health and wellness or our planet’s overall health. The emissions caused by burning fossil petrol are polluting our air – that is the air we breathe! We have to do better. We’ve simply got to think of a way to harness renewable energy resources like wind, water, and sunlight that will provide the energy we need and none of the pollution that people don’t need.

Using wind, water, and sun rays to provide power isn’t a new concept. People have been using wind, water, and sunlight for a large number of years. Wind, water, and sunshine are renewable energy resources; there’s plenty of all three, and do not require add anything negative to the weather we breathe. There is no toxic waste, either.

Refineries must buy crude essential oil to create the gasoline and diesel that people use in our cars and trucks. Utility companies must buy the gasoline and diesel that’s used to create a lot of the power that powers our properties. But if we just simply put the technology that’s recently been developed to use to power our autos, our trucks, our properties, and every one of the thousands of little conveniences that people depend on and improve on the technology, we can have our energy and our clean air both. We won’t need to choose. And wind, drinking water, and sunlight are all free!

Of course, it’s easier in theory. feng shui consulting But unless we create a step towards that direction, we will always rely on the fossil fuels to power our lives. Plans have already been laid out, technologies are increasingly being created, all that’s missing will be our will and determination to keep at it until we attain our goal.